Dental Treatment


    Provided with the most sophisticated West-European and American equipment as well as with consumables for treatment, prophylaxis, diagnostics and recovery of the teeth. Habilitated specialists from the Dental Faculty in Sofia have been drawn as consultants to the dental clinics. You will be served in our surgeries by highly qualified dental physicians having many years of practice and experience in Bulgaria and abroad. The treatment is express, within short times and with guaranteed quality. All manipulations can be carried out under anesthesia and are painless.All kinds of diseases of the teeth and of the oral cavity, covered by the various branches of stomatology, can be treated in the dental surgeries of the clinic, viz.:

1.  THERAPEUTIC   DENTISTRY,   including:     Treatment of caries in all their versions, milk-teeth caries included, too.     Treatment of periodontitis and gangrene     Rehabilitation and installing of teeth with a pin and celluloid crowns     Cleaning of tartar with ultrasound device and tooth polishing     Treatment of paradontosis by means of therapeutic curettage and treatment of the gingival pouches with deontizolon, biodent, indextol, etc.     Treatment of mucosal diseases, aphthae, stomatites, glusites, cheilites, etc.

2.  SURGICAL DENTISTRY, including:     Extraction of single-root, multi-root, fractured or destroyed teeth, of mill-teeth, and dismantling of fragments     Extraction of semi-retinated or retinated teeth     Making intraoral incisions, fraenotomies. papillotomies, circumcision and drainages     Apical osteotomies

3. DENTAL PHYSIOTHERAPYIn the treatment of periodontites, gangrenes and paradontoses and to accelerate the healing process following surgical interventions, the treatment is complemented by applying various physiotherapeutic procedures, including: iontophoreses, electrophoreses, electrical odontodiagnostics, radar, UV treatment, etc. 

4. ORTHOPEDIC DENTISTRY, including:     Preparation (filing) of the teeth, making and instal­lation (cementation) of fixed single mould-cast crowns and bridge structures, without plastic (made of metal), with en­tire plastic aesthetic coating, blend crowns, metal ceramics crowns, palapont crowns and temporary crowns     Preparation of the denture field and making and installation of movable micro dentures, partial or total den­tures (at the request of the patient they can be made with open bugle, with colorless plastic and reinforcing net), mould-cast dentures, mould-cast dentures with hinges, silicone plastic dentures (elastic dentures).

5. ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT, which includes the making of various orthodontic devices, whereby the successful treatment of dental deformations with children and adults. Such prominent specialists have been enrolled as consultants at the dental clinic, as the Associate Professor Stoyan Ivanov, PhD in the medical sciences, longtime lecturer at the Dentistry Faculty in Sofia, one of the leading specialists of maxillofacial surgery in Bulgaria, with over 30 years experience as a lecturer and maxillofacial surgeon.

Dr. Silvia ZHELEVA - with polyvalent stomatological speciality and the speciality of ..orthodontia".

Dr. Todor NEDYALKOV - a dentist-specialist with polyvalent speciality, with over 20 years of experience as a dentist, Beside his experience in Bulgaria, he worked as a dentist-specialist for more than three years in Libya.

Dr. Yulian VELICHKOV, with acknowledged speciality in orthopedic dentistry, with over 20 years of experience as a dentist-specialist, works at the same address, too.

Dr. Anna STOYANOVA, a dentist-specialist with polyvalent speciality, with over 30 years of experience as a dentist-specialist, worked for many years as a dentist in Libya.

Dr. Galina STEFANOVA, a dentist-specialist with polyvalent speciality, with over 15 years of experience as a dentist-specialist.

Dr. Petar STEFANOV, a dentist-specialist with polyvalent speciality, with over 20 years of experience in the speciality. He has worked as a dentist in Spain and Libya.

Dr. Katrin PENCHEVA, a detlist with polyvalent speciality, with over 10 years of experience, works there as well. Dr. Lachezar MARVAKOV, with acknowledged speciality in orthopedics.

Dr. Sonya ANTONOVA - a specialist-dentist with polyvalent speciality, and Dr. Elitsa SELVELIEVA, with acknowledged speciality in dental therapy.

All the dentists working in the clinics talk English.

As you see, we have everything available for your excellent dental serving and treatment.

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