We are a company for event management, business travel and convention tourism.

In the beginning it was Sirma Travel established in 1997 as a tourist agent and tour operator. In 2007 we joined the big corporate family of Kontrax. Consequently, Sirma Events & Travel emerged to meet the demand for professional full-range management of the events and business travel of our corporate clients.

Our mission is being a reliable partner for event management and making Sofia and Bulgaria preferred destinations for international meetings and incentive travel.

Our strategy is based on lasting relationships. The efficiency of your events & travel is our guideline!

Why choose Sirma Events?


Our strength lies in our ability to tailor our product exactly to the client’s individual requirements. We cover the whole process of event management. Tell us what you want your event to achieve and we’ll do for you:

Of course, it is possible to use our services partially.

We manage the following types of events:


No matter if internal or customer-oriented, each event is a part of the corporate identity and plays a key role in the image making of the company. Most important, your event has to produce a maximum effect with minimum efforts and optimized costs. That’s why we exist – because professional full-range event management is more efficient.


If your birthday or anniversary finds you in Bulgaria, don’t forget about it. Allow us to organize it all for you and to make an unforgettable memory out of it. Just remember to reveal your lifestyle to us!


Nowadays gathering of people sharing a common interest has no limits. No matter if it is named a conference, symposium, congress, convention, trade fair or forum, its perfect completion is a big challenge. We have resources and professional experience to handle it. No matter if you are a company targeting Bulgarian market or if your NPO has a mission in our country and wants to share it,


Human power is the most valuable corporate asset in today’s business world. Management has to establish a TEAM of dedicated specialists motivated to work in harmony and achieve the company’s most important objective – long-term prosperity.

Corporate Team Building is an efficient way to challenge the individual members to work together as a team. It is a modern method to develop a uniting atmosphere through indoor and outdoor activities that combine and implement a spirit of adventure, creativity, innovation, shared efforts and willingness to win the game.

A team-building scenario is designed in a way that improves communication and trust within the team, and involves new employees making them feel a part of the company. Unusual, friendly and spontaneous situation provokes all participants to get to know each other and to demonstrate their potential.

To sum up the effects of Team Building:

  1. Uniting employees to develop relationships for efficient team work, friendly atmosphere and trust within the team.
  2. Providing a test to individual qualities of team members.
  3. Practicing fast decision making in dynamic and stressful situations.
  4. Developping leadership skills.
  5. Improving individual motivation.


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Office: 13 Tintyava Str, Sofia 1113

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